Top Five: Places to Read

So here is my first post for Wordy Wednesday!! Since my new schedule has been introduced, I decided to spend some time gathering Β a list of 5 great places where you can read!! If you want some quiet time with a good book, or want to get really cozy, I have some ideas!!! Continue reading “Top Five: Places to Read”


Blogging Schedule 2017!!!

So, first off, I want to say I love blogging, and I can’t get enough! It has been so much fun to share my passions for books and writing, but I have to make sure my studies for school come first!! I really want to pick up my grades and it is getting more difficult to do so. So, I have decided to create a new blogging schedule for the next few months, probably until June.Β  Continue reading “Blogging Schedule 2017!!!”

Top 5: Bookish Gifts for the Bookworm/Writer

So Christmas has already gone by, but the New Year is coming up!! I don’t know if this is true for everyone, but I exchange gifts on New Year’s day just like I do on Christmas Day! So this got me thinking, what gifts should I give? Continue reading “Top 5: Bookish Gifts for the Bookworm/Writer”