My Book Is On Wattpad!!!

So I guess you know from the title of this post what I will be writing about!!! Continue reading “My Book Is On Wattpad!!!”


A Little Update

I have realized that lately, I have been posting, but not really giving updates as to what is going on with my book writing journey and just my day to day life in general. So, this will be quite a short post and I apologise – I have a History test that I really need to study for!! As well, I will also ask some questions, maybe any content you guys want on my blog and so forth – so I would love it if you guys would comment some suggestions!!!

Let’s get started!!!

First things first, my book writing journey is a bit sluggish so far. I have been sending out my manuscript, and I have had no luck yet!! It takes me a while to send out queries because I don’t have much time on my hands, but I hope that I will be able to send out my goal of 40 queries by the new year!! Hopefully, then I will get an agent’s attention!

As well, I am also going to join a few writing contests here and there in order to keep my writing in shape, and to get some honest feedback! I am going to enter one contest where the judge has no idea of your background like your name and gender so that their vote cannot be biased in any way, and I think that is a smart idea! You want to grade someone’s work based off of their talent, and not who they are.

As well, I have slowly started to work on my sequel to my first novel, but I am hoping to get a reply from an agent before really going further into the second book. That is why I got some new ideas for some novels I want to write, and I began to write one of them!! So far I am 10 000 words in, and I think it is going quite well!!! πŸ™‚

And that is it for my book writing journeys, and I will keep adding updates like this if you guys find them interesting!!

Now, onto the more fun stuff.

Lately, I have been having some thoughts about some new DIY’S and some new recipes for bookish inspired treats, so my question is, would anyone be interested in that? I want to know if you guys are liking my small but growing DIY and Food category!! I was thinking of doing another DIY Harry Potter post, so hopefully it would be something that would interest all of you!!

As well, any suggestions towards my content or any post suggestions will totally be taken into consideration!! If they are bookish related, I’d be more than glad to do them!!!

Also, quick thing, anyone interested in taking quizzes? I was thinking about adding another category to my blog to make it more interactive with you guys!!

And that’s it for today!! Like I mentioned, this is quite a short post! But I hope to go back to my regular posts next week!! Happy Reading Everyone an stayed tuned for Tuesday!!!