Book Review: The Perks of Being A Wallflower

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

Recently I read the fantastic novel by Stephen Chbosky and the only thing that I didn’t like was the fact that I put off reading this book for ages! I have seriously, in quite a while, never read a contemporary novel that was so amazingly written.

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Behind The Scenes: New Authors Whose Books You’ll Want To Watch Out For

As some of you may know, I am an aspiring author; I have recently wrote two books, and I am currently working on another two. So far, I have queried for one book, and I have had no luck – the publishing industry is hard to crack open.Β  Continue reading “Behind The Scenes: New Authors Whose Books You’ll Want To Watch Out For”

New Year – New Reads: Top 5 Most Anticipated Reads For 2018!!!

Welcome, 2018!!!

I have to say, 2017 was NOT my year. It really wasn’t. I didn’t read as many books as I had hoped, I stopped blogging, stopped my bookstagram…. the list is going to bore you to death because it is literally infinite. 

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Emotional Books: The 5 Stages Of Your Emotional State

Whenever we read a really good book, we get the feels. And no, I am not talking about feeling a bit sad because someone in the novel died, I am talking heartthrob whenever you see the book in eyesight, whenever someone mentions it, and let’s not forget that for some reason everything in the world reminds you of your emotional read.

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Book Review: Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl By Jesse Andrews

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Book Boxes: Are They Worth It?

So recently, I got my very first book box from Owlcrate, and I absolutely loved it!! It was so amazing to unbox each of the goodies inside, and there were so many too! So hence the inspiration for this blog post, are book boxes worth it?

So first off, I got the Owlcrate January box this week, and it was my first, just like I mentioned before. Needless to say, I was very excited to get it in the mail, and to notice all the wonderfully packed goodies inside!! I won’t spoil anything, so if you haven’t gotten your January book box yet, you don’t need to cover your eyes and scan for spoilers! πŸ™‚

When I got my first book box, I didn’t know what to expect because this was my first ever product from Owlcrate, and even though I always fantasised about getting my own Owlcrate one day, I still didn’t know what would be inside. So, the element of surprise in any book box is amazing, and because you know that you will be getting bookish items, it gets even more intriguing!! I love the element of surprises, and book boxes certainly do that!! Β You don’t know what you will get until the mailman comes at your door with that wonderful little box you’ve been waiting for. And the feeling is awesome because you sill don’t know what will be in the package unlike most of your online purchases. So in terms of a little surprise waiting at your doorstep, and the excitement of opening you book box, it is certainly worth it!

Now, onto the quality and amount of items inside your box. Most book boxes will cost anywhere between about 30 dollars and up depending on the currency you use and where you live (shipping costs). Some book box companies have shipping already included, and I would highly recommend those book boxes because you don’t need to worry about additional costs. Now, if you do have to pay for shipping, try to find a company that has cheaper shipping if you live really far away. Also, keep in mind that this package can take a long time to send if you pay for standard shipping, or if standard shipping is what’s included in the cost of a book box. My book box came from California, and it took nearly two weeks to come in my mail!!

So, keep that in mind when you are buying bookish boxes – maybe some have faster shipping than others, if that is important to you.

Now, onto the amount of items in each box. I have to say, I was very pleased with the amount of goodies that were packed into my box. There was a lot of variety, and the contents were all very cute bookish items that I knew I would love instantly!! So in terms of the quantity, I’d say you get a good run for your money. I would say that the more expensive the box is, chances are there are more stuff that have better quality, or less stuff that have superb quality. But, make sure to pay attention to previous book boxes and what was in them to know what amount of money you are willing to pay for a book box. If a book box costs 70 dollars to buy, make sure to look at previous boxes and see what was included. If you don’t see anything impressive, then look for another company. I bought my Owlcrate for around 50 dollars with shipping, and although it is pricey for one box, Β the amount of items I got made the cost worth it. I knew right away when I opened the box that if I were to buy each item separately, it would exceed the cost of the box.

Needless to say, some book boxes do seem like they’re not worth your money, but it’s up to you to decide! I would also try and pick book boxes that are in your country or in a country closer to you so that the shipping is less expensive. And as for the quality, I have no complaints. Everything in my Owlcrate was packaged nicely and carefully, and I appreciated that! With most book boxes, you will be satisfied with the packaging. Many people who start these kinds of businesses have a passion towards books and reading, so their appreciation for novels and bookish items will make a difference in how the goods are handled. I also notice that many companies do not mass produce thousands upon thousands of book boxes, so it’ more likely for your packaging to be well taken care of. If packaging is important to you, then look for smaller companies because chances are, there will be more care put towards making sure all the goodies are safely inside! Of course, all companies make sure to keep a careful eye on their distribution, and usually book boxes contain nothing fragile, so you don’t need to worry too much!!

To conclude, I have bough my very first book box, and I am very happy with the results!! I have a bunch of bookish items now to fill up my shelf, and the whole process of getting an Owlcrate was exciting!! Make sure to do some research before picking a box so that you know which one fits your needs, like the shipping price, the handling of your package, and the cost. I would definitely recommend Owlcrate to any person who is a first time book box buyer, because it worked out very well for me! I think that all book boxes are amazing, and in the end, it’s up to your tastes… and you budget. *Sigh*. Don’t we all wish we can have an infinite budget for books and bookish things?

Anyhow, I hope this was helpful in some way. Conclusion? Book boxes are Worth It! There’s so many varieties of boxes you can buy, and you will find the right one for the right price! Β Now that I think about it, maybe I’ll start a new segment on my blog, “Worth it, or not?”

NowΒ Β I am going to indulge in my new book box goodies, and think of new posts for my new segment, “Worth it, or not?”

Until next, time Happy Reading, and Happy Wordy Wednesday!! πŸ™‚