Hi Everyone!!!

My name is Alina, and from the title of this blog you can probably guess that I love to read! I am a huge reading fanatic, not to mention a professional tea-drinker and high school student. I have a crazy passion towards writing, and I am an aspiring author, having written my first ever YA novel (manuscript) this summer! I am also the proud owner of Just_Bookish_Things, my bookstagram!

On Just Bookish Things Blog, you will be invited to the world of literature through my eyes. Whether it’s a book review, book DIY, writer’s corner, or the perfect foods for reading, my blog has it all!! I am open to any suggestions for book-related posts and DIY’S, and I love to communicate with avid readers and writers that come to my blog or Instagram page!

When I’m not curled up reading with a cup of tea,writing, blogging, or taking photos for my site and bookstagram, I am probably outside playing sports or cuddling my adorable dachshund!

Hope you enjoy my blog and Happy Reading!!!