Emotional Books: The 5 Stages Of Your Emotional State

Whenever we read a really good book, we get the feels. And no, I am not talking about feeling a bit sad because someone in the novel died, I am talking heartthrob whenever you see the book in eyesight, whenever someone mentions it, and let’s not forget that for some reason everything in the world reminds you of your emotional read.

So when I say emotional read, I really mean it. You will sit for a while after reading a heavy chapter and feel empty; you are past the point of crying and you are just stumped. “What just happened?” is something you probably hear yourself say. Well, I am about to tell you that you have reached the emotional speed bump, and it’s going to hurt. So that’s why I have the five steps we can all relate too, and hopefully there are some tips to get over your speed bump and continue with the novel, or start a new one!!!


Tip #1: Accepting It

So yes, I guess for tips this one is kind of a no-brainer, because you always hear in every movie and book that the first step is to move past your denial. Yes, you have just read a book that basically ruined your life for who knows how long. So, figure out how to deal with it. Ever read The Beginning of Everything by Jennifer Niven? Now that book had me going. I was absolutely drained after reading it and I wanted to rip the ending right off its beautiful binding. But I had to return the novel since it was a library book, so I guess that was out of the question (and I’m just kidding – I wouldn’t actually rip the book but I hope you get what I’m trying to say:)). Anyhow, just tell yourself that yes, maybe for a fleeting moment your heart dropped when you found out that something terrible happened. A bit of a spoiler alert if you haven’t read Lord of The Rings – when I thought Gandalf had died, I nearly died myself from heartbreak. I was absolutely astounded and empty, and I actually debated not finishing the series if he wasn’t going to be in them. I mean come on!! It’s Gandalf we’re talking about!! If he’s gone, then I’m gone too. Anyhow, don’t stop reading, because maybe you will get over your speed bump by trudging through your massive swamp of emotions, and you’ll find a way out, eventually. Another spoiler alert, Gandalf didn’t actually end up dying and I jumped to conclusions wayyyy to fast, so continue to read the book. Maybe it will all work out. As for the ending that left you broken, accept the ending of the novel, and try to move on. Now if the novel keeps tugging at your tears, refer to step two. (This is starting to sound like a guidebook).

Step #2: Try To Read Rewrites

So if you still can’t seem to move on (this sounds like breakup advice now), try to read some fan fiction. Chances are, there are alternate endings and twists that can leave you happy. Or even better, try to write an alternate ending or piece yourself!! Maybe, you will be extra happy because a. you wrote it, and b. you made it end just how you wanted it to!! And if you still find yourself helpless, refer to step three, and hopefully you won’t need to seek guidance in steps four and five. Come to think of it, these steps are like the scale from minimum to maximum on how much impact a book had on you. And here’s my awful rendition of the reader’s scale by Just Bookish Things: πŸ˜‰

Max min traingle.JPG

Step #3: Take Your Mind Off of the Novel, ASAP

If you don’t do this now, you will certainly regret it. Try doing a hobby and distance yourself from anything that reminds you of your emotional read.

I cant even.gif


Step #4: Begin to Acknowledge the Worst Possible Scenario

Okay. This is basically it. If you haven’t been able to move on, brace yourself. Things are about to get bad, and you are about to cry. A lot. (I do hope it won’t come to this).

DOnt cry.gif


Step 5: What Are You Going To Do?

Okay. You have officially reached the summit. This isn’t good. You are practically screaming from the emotional feels your novel gave you. Just how can this be solved? For this, I only have one tip – time. In the meantime, accept your state of emotional distress. (It all comes back to accepting it in the end, doesn’t it?)

dead inside.gif



And that is it!!! I hope you all enjoyed this little post, and let me know what book has left you absolutely dead inside!! Comment here or on my Instagram page πŸ™‚

In the meantime, happy reading, and try not to emotionally die from amazing books that we wish had happy endings!!






Author: Just Bookish Things

Book enthusiast, and professional tea drinker. My blog is devoted to everything Bookish; treats, DIY'S, reviews, writing tips - you name it!

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