My Book Is On Wattpad!!!

So I guess you know from the title of this post what I will be writing about!!!

Anyhow, after some time querying multiple agents, I decided to take a break. I realized that not a lot of agencies are going to take someone as young as me so seriously. I mean come on, they probably get a bunch of emails from hopeful writers, and they may not take high school students as seriously as say, someone who graduated from Harvard with a degree in writing and who also published novels previously – you get my point.

So, now I want to see what you guys think!!! I want to know your thoughts on my writing, and if I should post the second chapter on Wattpad!! So, I have included the link below, and it would mean the world if any of you checked it out!!!

As well, here is a sneak peak to get you all interested!!!





I screamed.

I hadn’t intended to, after all I was sleeping when the nightmares hit me again, filling every inch of my body in fear.

Like always, it had started with me seeing the corpses of my parents, completely lifeless as I saw them being lowered into the ground, never seeing the light again. And while I was staring at them for the last time, Wesley started to scream. The epidemic had come to take him away like it took away my parents.

That’s when I woke up, screaming and jolting upright, looking for Wesley, only to find my brother next to me, sleeping like a baby.

I smiled, but quickly my smile faded as I realized what day it was.

It was the ninth anniversary of the dreadful epidemic that took both my parents, and killed more than half the people in the slum.

A memory hit me. It was hard to forget the last day my mother would see the light again.

I was nine, my brow furrowed in concentration, my hollow red face full of strain as I carried a pitcher of water for my parents. They were lying in our tiny hut, their hair stuck together with sweat.

They still managed to smile at me as I poured them their water and helped them drink it.

My mother took my hand as her lips parted from the pitcher, her grip cold and weak.

“Kara”, she had said, her voice hoarse and weak. “My little Kara, you have grown so much,” she whispered hoarsely and smiled, her eyes twinkling. Later I realized they were tears………


And that is it!! If you want to read the rest, go ahead and click the link to my Wattpad post!!! I’ll post again next Wednesday!! Also, if you are interested by the plot and want more, comment down below!!! I want to know if I should post the next chapter this week!! 🙂


Happy Reading!!!!






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