Top Five: Places to Read

So here is my first post for Wordy Wednesday!! Since my new schedule has been introduced, I decided to spend some time gathering  a list of 5 great places where you can read!! If you want some quiet time with a good book, or want to get really cozy, I have some ideas!!!

  1. Library: Of course, the good old library. Always going to be somewhere near your neighbourhood. It’s a building devoted to books, what more can you ask for? Of course, this is a great place to have some quiet reading time – I haven’t been to a library that was ever super loud!! People who are there respect your reading space and quiet because they love to read too!! So find a good chair and indulge! Some downsides to libraries can be that they can get busy sometimes, or it can be a little loud if there is workshop going on. As well, they are not in the comfort of your home, so you may not feel as cozy.
  2. Reading Nook: So I think many readers have a favourite spot in their house or apartment that they like to read in. If you have a window seat, I am secretly super jealous of you because those are the best for reading!!! But, if you don’t have a comfortable reading space in your home, try to establish one!! Find a space that is not too big and open, but is not too closed in as well. A corner of your bedroom near your bookshelf for example is a good place. Get a beanbag chair, armchair, anything you find comfortable and bring it to your little reading corner!! A good idea is to have a small table nearby for a warm cup of coffee or tea when you need that warm comfort, and of course, a throw blanket!! Once you have set up your reading space, curl up an read your novel!! Also, a good idea is to find a part of your house that is warm (especially during winter).
  3. A park: Now many communities have this, and some green space and reading go hand in hand!! Now you can be outside and do something you love!! Pick a tree with lots of shade or a sunny bench….. parks are big so you can roam free and find your favourite spot!!! Once you do, the cool breeze and the nice fresh air will clear your mind and you will feel refreshed and enjoy reading even more!! One downside to this is if you live in an area that has snow or cold weather, well this place is mostly seasonal for you, unless you like to sit in the snow or cold and read!!
  4. A nice little cafe: Okay, these can get pretty loud and hectic, especially if it is a small confined are on a busy street. But, if you can block out the noise when you are reading a particularly good book, go right in! Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to buy that chocolate croissant and some coffee or tea, right!! This is the perfect place to set the mood for reading, and to set the mood for your sweet tooth!!!
  5. Public Transit or if you are a passenger in a car: If you don’t get motion sickness, this is a golden opportunity!! Not only can you pass the time faster by reading a good book, it’s a way to start your morning commute right!!! If you can block out noise and not get motion sickness, this is a pretty good option. Make sure to not miss your bus or subway stop!!!

And that is it!! I hope you all enjoyed this first post for my new Wordy Wednesday schedule, and stay tuned for next week!!!!


Happy Reading!!!




Author: Just Bookish Things

Book enthusiast, and professional tea drinker. My blog is devoted to everything Bookish; treats, DIY'S, reviews, writing tips - you name it!

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