Book Review: Throne of Glass By Sarah J Maas

So my last post was about my thoughts on Throne of Glass, and I finished the book, so now it’s time for a review!!!

So first things first, I’m just going to bluntly state that I loved the book! I am actually so happy that there is a whole series for me to continue reading!! As well, I am also happy that my decision to read the novel after some of the hype died down was a good one, because I really got to enjoy the book and not be too biased off of other people’s thoughts, and now I can read a bunch of the books in the series and not have to wait for them to come out!!

Anyhow, now that’s out of the way, let me start by saying my favourite things from the book. First off, I am a huge fan of maps in books, and I loved that a map was drawn in this book! It just creates a whole vibe of fantasy before you even get to the text!! As well, right off the bat I was hooked. The first chapter really did a number on me. I already had questions about Celaena; how did she get to Endovier? By whom? How did she get caught? Right away, I was totally engaged and wanted to find out more. As well, I loved the character of Celaena; she was a totally hardcore and she was very smart. I loved how she enjoyed reading, and I really liked that she wasn’t all muscle, but she was quite intellectual. Not to mention, I loved her sarcastic way of speaking to others, and that she said most things without filter. The whole book was amazing because of the world that Sarah J Maas had created; most fantasy worlds are all kind of in the same category where everything is filled with magic; and it gets kind of boring because they all basically revolve around the same ideas and topics. Throne of Glass, however, decided to turn fantasy into a more young adult novel and magic was actually banned!!

Now, onto the bad things, and thankfully there aren’t a lot of them!! SPOILERS AHEAD SO SKIP TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE BOOK!! πŸ™‚



To be honest, I didn’t really like the romantic relationship between Celaena and Dorian; it just seemed a little cliche for me. But, in the beginning, I was kind of rooting for the ship because Dorian seemed like a very interesting character; before you read more about him you think that he is kind of shallow from what gossip has been going around, but he had more to himself than I originally thought. But either way, in the end, I was and still am rooting for Celaena and Chaol!! I love the chemistry between them, and I feel like Chaol has a troubled past to some extent like Celaena – I really want to know more about both of them and I totally ship them together!!


Now, another thing I didn’t like was the amount of freedom Celaena had. Of course, she was part of the competition, but being one of the most dangerous criminals she didn’t seem to have much trouble roaming around most of the castle and even befriending some of the guards. I get that she was pretty and the guards thought likewise, but were they seriously considering giving quite a lot of freedom to Celaena, even if the king was away? If he found out, he would surely be very cruel in his punishments. As well, some of the social events had the criminals from the competition attend as guests; and I don’t really understand how that could be possible because everyone there would be at risk; including some very important people. Of course, there were guards, but how long would it take them to reach one of the criminals like Cain if he decided to hurt someone? Even more, most of the competitors for the King’s competition were notorious from being the best of the worst criminals. They could be unpredictable, which made me a bit skeptical that they were allowed a pretty reasonable amount of freedom.

Either way, the positives of this book really outweighed the negatives, and I honestly love it! It had been a while since I read a great fantasy, and I am so happy to have found one! I love that although the novel was fantasy, it certainly gave it a young adult twist that made it more unique!!

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good fantasy! If you think that fantasy is childish, this book will change your mind because it offers a more mature way of writing, but it doesn’t take away from the genre!!


Anyhow, hope you guys enjoyed this review and tune in for Tuesday!!



Happy Reading!!







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