Another Short Work

So last post, I decided to share a little piece of my writing with all of you, and I wanted to share something new today!! This is another writing piece I wrote a few weeks ago, so I hope you all enjoy it!!



I hear laughter, talking, and silence all at once.

The underground is alive, filled with talkers, laughers, and silencers in the same place.

The ride has rhythm, but the voices don’t.

Some sit in silence, deep in thought, focused.

Others sit and chat non stop.

Some laugh.

Why do we waste so much time on meaningless words?

We need to express each problem that sits on the tip of our tongues.

But the worst problems are the kind that shut us up.

The cart is a cluster of tones, volumes, sounds.

Amidst the commotion, the silencers interest me.

They’re quiet, thoughtful.

I wonder what they have to say.

They could make every word count.

But if you listen closely, some silencers speak, and all have voices.

They’re just meant for the ears of a listener.


And that’s it!! πŸ™‚ I wrote this while on the subway after realizing how loud it was during busy hours, yet how silent so many people were. It was a bit intriguing, and I wrote this little piece on it!! Hope you all enjoyed this, and I’ll be back with a post on Thursday!!!



Author: Just Bookish Things

Book enthusiast, and professional tea drinker. My blog is devoted to everything Bookish; treats, DIY'S, reviews, writing tips - you name it!

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