A Free Verse Poem

So, a while back, I decided to create a writing segment to showcase some of my works, and now I finally have something to add to the category!!!Β 

I have been writing short stories and all sorts of free verse poems in my spare time. I usually don’t use a format – I just write. So, I guess now another subcategory I should add would be free verse writing πŸ™‚ .

Without further ado, here is a free verse piece I wrote a while back, and I have it published on Wattpad, but I also want to post it here πŸ™‚ .



People Watching

I like people watching.

If you stop amidst the chaos or activity, your eyes observe.

Some run, others walk. Others chat away on phones.

No one seems to register the people beside them, or in front.

They have their own bubble.

But watchers get to see.

The young are the restless; moving as if its their last time.

The elderly are patient, ironically portraying that they have all the time in the world.

We rush, but where to?

To the job that dissatisfies with no raise, to school that takes hold of our daily time?

Why the rush?

Why not slow down like the elderly, take it in?

Maybe you’ll smell the blooming flowers, breathe the fresh, crisp air. Maybe you’ll be engulfed by the city sounds.

Adventure lies in every step you take.

Does no one want to make every step count?

How did we become oblivious to the little adventures, the ones that don’t need planes or beaches or wealth?

We become obsessed with getting bigger and more, but it’s the little unaccounted things that light us up.

Like the puppy that chased its tail, or the man that tripped and caught himself just in time.

I people watch, and I observe.

Humans are funny.

They need to be constantly reminded of what makes them happy, or else they won’t notice the little things.

Faces pass by in blurs, all staring straight ahead in the direction they’re going.

When did we stop looking around??


And that’s it!

Hope you all enjoyed this little piece! πŸ™‚ Until Tuesday!




Author: Just Bookish Things

Book enthusiast, and professional tea drinker. My blog is devoted to everything Bookish; treats, DIY'S, reviews, writing tips - you name it!

6 thoughts on “A Free Verse Poem”

  1. That’s great! And very timely as we all rush round worrying about buying stuff for Christmas and fretting about what friends and family think of us. Some wonderful one-liners in there! Great observation!


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