My Blogging Schedule Update

Hi everyone!!! I just wanted to make this post about my blog schedule, which unfortunately is going to change. I have started my school year, and I am in a specialised higher learning program, which really just means that I get more difficult work to do, and more homework (yay!! 😦 ). Even though I just started going back to school two weeks ago, the workload is catching up with me. I find that it is difficult to juggle daily blog posts and bookstagramming along with my homework and some leisure time. I love blogging, but I also need to make sure I stay on top of my school work, which is why I created a new blogging schedule. During holidays, I will definitely try to post daily, during the school year my blog posts will go as scheduled:

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, I will post a new blog.

This schedule is quite smaller than daily blogs, but I this gives me more time to include better content, and I want to make this blog the best it can possibly be!! It takes me super long to take pictures, not to mention the whole writing process!!! I love blogging, and I really would love for it to be a part of my daily life, but for now I have to take a break and divide my focus between high school and this blog, which means fewer posts.

I hope that you guys will still enjoy my posts, even though they will be less frequent!!

Happy Reading!!!



Author: Just Bookish Things

Book enthusiast, and professional tea drinker. My blog is devoted to everything Bookish; treats, DIY'S, reviews, writing tips - you name it!

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